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Turkey: Invest in Turkey - Hotel area with thermal water

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  • Hotel Plot
Hotel Plot
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00000 Turkey
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80.000 m2
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Eczane, Alışveriş imkânları, Tatil yeri, Fitness salonu, İlkokul, Çocuk parkı, Hastane, Otoyola yakın, Sakin bölge, Park, Polis merkezi, Postane, Oyun alanı, Sahile yakın, Tennis court, Orman, Ortaokul, Site, Yerleşim bölgesi
Deniz Manzara
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Detayli Tanitim
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Thermal & spa, wellness tourism:
With two different types of geothermal water, one welling out with a temperature of 98°C and the other one with 32°C, both containing different minerals, the area has an immense potential for health & wellness tourism.
The region has been officially declared a thermal tourism encouragement area in 2006 and as such offers attractive conditions for investors, such as 1% instead of 18% VAT liability, social security contribution paid by the state, low priced credits and more.
One 5* thermal spa hotel and one thermal spa resort on timeshare basis have been newly built and are operating on the lakefront of the dam lake, which is 7 km from one side to the other. A simple thermal hotel is located near the geothermal source.
The combination of natural forests (approx. 65% of the area is covered with natural forests), a beautiful dam lake, clean air rich in oxygen, geothermal sources and an ideal location for easy access provide unrivaled conditions for profitable four-season tourism investments.
We have many Investment properties which we do not present on our website for reasons of discretion.

This Insider off market investment property is also not fully listed on our website or anywhere else. Please contact us for a PDF file with full property Information.
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