Why more and more people decide to invest in Turkey real estate






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Reason 1

High quality of life, better lifestyle

After many years of hard work and stress, many people dream of a beautiful life in a region with high quality of life, more than 300 sunny days a year, with a view to beautiful bays and a blue sea. We help you to realize this dream, because Turkey is a country that offers all this and more. And we like to have happy people around us.



Reason 2

Increase in value of your real estate in Turkey

Real estate generally has the potential to build up and to increase wealth on relatively good terms. Turkey offers this potential in an intensified shape. Especially in recent years, properties in Bodrum/ Turkey have enormously increased in value, and many have even multiplied their value. Investing in Turkey property pays – no matter if you come to Bodrum only for a vacation, to spend your retirement here or you simply want to make good returns.



Reason 3

Tangible assets provide security

Everywhere in the world, owning property is the foundation of asset accumulation. Property ownership and letting of properties are considered a top-grade investment. They provide tax benefit, protect from inflation and yield considerable returns. Additionally, they may serve as a source of income or reduce monthly costs in retirement. Besides, property is less affected by economic fluctuations than for example stocks.



Reason 4

Inflation hedge

Real estate owners cleverly avoid the risks of inflation. Although inflation rates vary in each country, it is valid always and everywhere that real assets provide security. Rents may be adjusted to inflation. If the property has been financed externally, inflation may even reduce the actual debt burden.





Reason 5

Tax benefits

In Turkey real estate transfer tax and annual property tax are much lower than in most European countries. It is a perfect way to invest well while legally saving taxes.





Reason 6

Aging with perspective

It is often necessary to arrange a private pension plan in order to secure the accustomed standard of living in old age, as retirement pension alone usually is not enough. real estate in Bodrum is extremely popular as summer residences, thus allowing a rental income. Furthermore, in case of need they can be converted into cash in a short time – with good returns.





Reason 7

Part of a profitable portfolio

Real estate is a well-established part of perfect asset planning. It provides profit, inflation hedge and tax advantages as well. Combined with a stock portfolio, real estate reduces the overall risk arising from market fluctuations and helps to protect the assets.



Reason 8

Attractive prices

real estate prices in Bodrum have increased sharply in recent years. However, if compared to property prices in Europe and worldwide, it can be easily seen that prices are still relatively moderate in Bodrum, especially if we consider that Bodrum is one of the most popular holiday regions in the world and absolutely comparable with Nice. Nevertheless, it is always a good idea to keep an eye on future development of real estate prices.




Reason 9

Good image and reputation

The reputation of those people who own a Turkey real estate is generally high. Owning a property in one of the elite holiday destinations abroad conveys a positive image and enhances reputation. In addition, it is considered an excellent security.






Reason 10

Bequeath assets

real estate is safe and durable. Therefore, they are particularly suitable for passing on to the next generation. For many investors, this is a significant advantage.




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