We will be happy to provide advice about mortgaging in Turkey

Questions about externally financing your real estate in Turkey?

You want to buy a property in Turkey. But what about a financing? We have good news for you: Even as a foreign person, you have the opportunity to obtain a favorable mortgage at a Turkish bank. As homebuyer you benefit not only from our expertise as broker and developer, but also from our good contacts with local banks.

There are many questions to be answered when it comes to real estate financing in Turkey. First of all, the borrowing requirement for the desired property has to be determined. How much equity is available? How much debt is required? We can help you calculating the necessary debt and negotiate with local Turkish banks for you to get cheap credit and repayment installments. We also provide advice on the necessary formalities for a loan application.


  • Our services on real estate financing in Turkey:


  • ►Sound analysis of the required amount of loan 
  • ►Joint preparation of a financing plan
  • ►Impartial comparison of the conditions and services of various banks
  • ►Consideration of your personal preferences, for example in credit line, term, repayment etc.
  • ►Long-standing contacts with local banks
  • ►Assistance in applying for a loan at a local Bank





As a honest and independent real estate company in Turkey we always work in your best interest.


That is, we also inform you about costs, which are often "overlooked". These include, e.g. mandatory insurance, utilities, fees, real estate transfer tax etc.

Moreover, we advise to always provide for a financial buffer, so that you are protected even in unexpected situations be it of professional, financial or private nature.

Buying a Turkey real estate is a solid but complex investment that you should calculate accurately and reconsider carefully. We will be happy to advise you and help you to make the right decisions.



Learn more about how you can finance your real estate on good terms. We look forward to you.

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