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Property viewing is an extremely beneficial action.

It should always be arranged when a Investor wants to get an idea of ​​the location and the situation of the property he is interested in. It is not unusual that properties are displayed incompletely or polished in advertisements. That’s why Investors should take the time for a trip to view a property in person, particularly if the property is in another country. You should take care to always make an appointment for a viewing date early enough. 

Write down your questions before the appointment so you don’t forget anything during the tour. Attention should be paid for example to the situation of windows and doors, mold or water stains on walls etc. 

If you have found your dream real estate in Turkey at Key Invest, we will be happy to make an appointment with you. We look forward to welcoming you in Turkey / Bodrum for a few days to inspect your property of interest unhurriedly before you decide.



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