Selling your turkey real estate with a single broker

What are the benefits of signing a contract of brokerage?

Why it is considerably advantageous if you charge a single broker with the sale of your property:

Many homeowners charge several brokers with the sale of their Turkey real estate believing that the more brokers are involved, the faster the property will be sold – which is proven to be completely wrong. A much more efficient and potentially profitable way of selling a property is to charge only one broker through a contract of brokerage. 



 If several brokers are involved, potential buyers are discouraged right at the beginning:


Some points remain unclear to them like: Who is in fact authorized to answer my questions? Are promises and reservations binding? Or maybe the property has been sold already?  Potential buyers with serious intentions often care if there is a brokerage contract.


Potential buyers worry that they will be asked to pay multiple commissions. Therefore many of them don’t even view the property.  



  • Only an exclusively charged broker has complete control over the marketing and is able to develop a targeted and tailored marketing strategy. As homeowner you will benefit from that.



  • Property owners value utmost discretion. The chance to assure this is much higher when only one broker is involved instead of several brokers.‚Äč


  • The substantiated determination of the usual market price, maintenance of contacts with potential buyers, the creation of a perfect, representative exposé – that’s stressful and time-consuming work, sometimes associated with a lot of costs. If several brokers are charged, it is very likely that none of them will actually be engaged in selling your property.



  • Another advantage of a contract of brokerage is concerned with the support of potential buyers, which will be much more thorough and effective.


  • An exclusive contract of brokerage ensures high commitment because it means for the broker:  it pays to stand up with all the energy for a profitable sale of the property. That’s his commitment towards the owner.


  • Reflect on which option is the best one to sell your valuable property. Authorize a broker whose reputation and experience you trust on.


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