Nightlife in Bodrum

The nightlife of Bodrum is very particular and is ranked among Turks as number 2 after Istanbul. In Bodrum, there are probably more bars per square meter than anywhere else in Turkey, appealing all tastes. Most of them are cozy seaside venues with wonderful views of the illuminated medieval castle, the symbol of the town. But there are also first-class clubs for those looking for exclusive entertainment. But there are also several venues for those looking for the exclusive. We are briefly presenting some of them below



Nightlife Tip 1.  Halikarnas The Club

The legendary Halikarnas Club in Bodrum counts as one of the best clubs of the world. First opened in 1979, Halikarnas quickly became the forerunner of the nightlife in Bodrum and Turkey. With its spectacular location, world-class entertainment, spectacular shows and luxurious atmosphere Halikarnas is not only unique, but one of the most fascinating clubs in the world.

Halikarnas is more than 35 years the embodiment of nightlife in Bodrum and brings top artists, DJs and celebrities to this vacation paradise each season. Halikarnas The Club enthuses its guests with a special show every night.

Behind the fantastic shows with modern sound system, LED lighting, 3D visuals, water screens, crazy costumes and choreography are excellent names of the creative scene. The Halikarnas shows are directed by Gary Lloyd, one of the best directors and choreographers of the global showbiz and directed by Arthur Gourounlian, the name behind the shows of Jean Paul Gaultier. Selected dancers, showgirls and acrobats from around the world are gathered for the Halikarnas guests.

In addition to spectacular entertainment Halikarnas The Club offers exquisite culinary delights in its restaurant, prepared under the direction of its French chef.





Nightlife Tip 2. Club Catamaran

This floating night club on a luxuriously outfitted catamaran is one of the most popular clubs in Bodrum. Every week, parties are organized where the jet set from Istanbul and other major cities as well as the most famous Turkish stars from TV, cinema, theater, magazine and music meet during their stay in Bodrum. During the summer season, the boat is a venue for fashion shows, media parties and CD releases, featuring some of the most famous DJs. Most parties take place on the main deck with its laser light system and strong sound system. Under the deck, there are a total of 6 bars and lounges connected by a transparent dancing floor. The nightly entertainment also includes go-go boys and girls and a dazzling drag-show.

Club catamaran was specially designed and built as a floating club with a capacity of 1500 guests.





Nightlife Tip 3. Kuba Bar

Kuba Bar is the very popular among the posh Turkish crowd in Bodrum, who loves to party at night. The early evening starts with soft music to accompany dinner in the in-house restaurant. But with the night coming, the pace rises with Latin, Jazz, Ethnic and Chillout House music.

Küba Bar is located in a historic stone house, surrounded by centuries-old trees. Besides classy furnishings and high-quality music, the venue provides a magnificent view of the medieval castle, the landmark of the city.

In the restaurant, which is open not only in the summer, but all year round, you can enjoy the Mediterranean cuisine with pasta, meat, fresh fish and seafood, all served with local vegetables. The club itself is located in the outdoor area. Every hour the DJ changes the music from classical jazz to club music. The focus, however, is on Latin American rhythms.

The reservation of a table is recommended as the place is very popular. Car parking is available.