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As a foreigner in Turkey, can I buy real estate without much ado?


Until recently, the reciprocity principle which stated that only citizens of certain nations were entitled to buy Turkey real estate, was in force. In May 2016, this principle expired and today citizens of almost all nations can buy or invest in Turkey real estate.

How is the procedure of buying Turkey real estate?


In some countries, the transfer of ownership is done by notaries. In Turkey however, ONLY the land registry office called Tapu-Office is entitled to carry out this transaction. When selling to a foreign citizen, land registration takes an average of 8-12 weeks. The local land registry office have to take a written consent of the national military authorities that the property is not located in a military or strategic catchment area, which is mere formality. Once the permission is granted, the title transfer is carried out within a day. A certified interpreter must translate and sign the entire certification.

What happens to my property in Turkey in case of my decease?


Of course we hope that you enjoy your home in Turkey for many years. In case of decease, your property will pass over to your legal heirs, if you have not notarized otherwise.

What is the value of my property invest in Turkey?


This depends on many factors (condition, age, location, current market situation, etc.) that need to be checked by an expert. We at Key Invest will be happy to prepare an individual valuation report for your property.

What is a prospect list?


By registering in our prospect list, you inform us about the desired parameters of your dream property without any obligation. Once we enter a suitable property into our portfolio, the system informs you automatically. By the way, by registering in the prospect list, you also receive offers on properties which we don’t advertise on our web page or elsewhere for reasons of discretion. 

Why should I hire a real estate agent at all for the sale of my real estate?


A professional real estate agent has a deep knowledge of the local real estate market. He will be able to determine a realistic and equitable price for your property. No matter if astronomical price or bargain, a wrong price means loss for the owner.

The sale or purchase of a property is associated with lots of effort. Especially owners often lack the time and expertise to devote to this task adequately. Get informed about our services for owners and services for buyers.

How can I find the right broker to buy or sell a house? 


This is not an easy decision. After all it's about large values, and unfortunately there are also "black sheep" among brokers. To go ahead and do the search, we have put together some tips on how to find a reputable broker.

Can I charge several brokers at once with the sale of my property? 


Sure you can. In our experience however, this approach has a rather negative effect for property owners. The reasons are explained in detail on the page Contract of Brokerage.

What is a Contract of Brokerage? 


With a Contract of Brokerage, a single broker undertakes the marketing of your property. Your benefit: an individual marketing concept and total commitment. Detailed information can be found on the page Contract of Brokerage.

What if I have further questions about sell or to invest in Turkey rea estate?

We will be happy to answer your questions. Contact us. 


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