Don’t miss out on this Turkey real estate tip bonus

If you know of a person who would like to invest in Turkey real estate, just let us know. If your referral leads to the conclusion of a sale, we reward you with 10 percent of the commission amount paid to us (excl. VAT).

Conditions for your referral bonus are:

• KEY INVEST in Turkey does not already know the prospective.
The real estate in Turkey was not offered to the prospect by any other realtor

So if there is anybody among your relatives, friends or acquaintances who wants to buy a property in Bodrum, you should act immediately. Send us all information available to you via the contact form below. Of course your own contact details are of particular importance. You help us if you let us know as much as possible.


Please note: We can only consider buyers who are not already registered in our prospect list. We cannot accept prospects who were previously referred to us by someone else.


If your referral meets the conditions listed above, we will contact him. Chances of success are always higher when you have already informed your referral. Nevertheless, it is also possible that we take your referral information anonymously if you request us to do so. In this case we do not give your name to any person.


If you use our contact form, you will automatically receive a copy of your message. If you send us a letter or an e-mail with your referral information, you will receive a written confirmation from us.


Persons who cannot accept bonuses or rewards because of professional ethics e.g. like lawyers and tax advisors are excluded from the referral bonus program. Of course, we would still be happy to receive any useful information from this group of people.


Please contact us: