How buyers benefit from Key Invest services

Significant advantages of buying property

For most people, buying a property is the biggest investment in their lives. An investment where often enough much is done wrong. Consequences of such mistakes can be heavy and long term. And to undo them is either difficult or even impossible.

Each property purchase requires a targeted and extensive preparation. As a buyer, you should be able to realistically assess the market value of your desired property. You also need to consider any follow-up costs (such as reconstruction or renovation measures) and utilities (such as deed fees, taxes, etc.). Besides, many other things should be kept in view such as the arrangement of the financing, comparison of banking terms and conditions and more.

Most buyers feel overwhelmed with all these aspects. Key Invest is your experienced partner in the region. We protect your interests so that you can find your dream home or dream apartment and purchase it at a fair price.



Our Services for property buyers​

►Preselection of properties

►Accompaniment during the deed procedure

►Prospect List

►Property viewing appointments

►Financing consulting

►Local network including craftsmen, realtors and banks

►Contract negotiations with homeowners

►Key handover



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